Poker – The Sex Strategy

Poker is actually a conflict of the mind, soul and soul – just maybe – that got the most sex in the past week. Poker moved from cowboys from Texas, to gangsters from Vegas and now to a brand new variety of ruthless online geeks. In accordance with this heritage of bravado, I want to discuss a poker plan that has got only a little more coverage compared to indicated odds and the power of ranking. That is, an active sex life shouldn’t be considered a extra bonus in the event you win the tournament money but rather gender should explicitly be an essential pregame technique for any serious poker player looking to squeeze a little additional juice out of his long run EV.

Your mind can be the main poker weapon along with one of the ways to check at it is to see it as only a biochemical soup – electrified. Gender is a bandarqq significant ingredient keeping in mind this soup just right. Without going too much into the Darwinian / Freudian psycho-babble – sex calms the mind, increases testosterone levels and releases endorphins. Put another way, a sexed up poker player comes to the table having a mind clear, with the aggression degrees to dominate the enough and overburdened natural happy medication to carry the swings.

The evidence from the sex academics indicatesthat sex increases testosterone and also that abstinence can dangerously drop testosterone levels. Dr. Emmanuele A. Janni, a professor of Endocrinology, told National Geographic who”after three weeks without gender… testosterone radically dropped to levels close to children’s levels”.

The signs from the poker pros is also and only sexing up prior poker. Back in Ace on the River, Barry Greenstein explains:-

“If you have sex before going to sleep, you probably will soon be more rested and less distracted once you play. Consequently, a sexpartner who journeys with you can be a major advantage.

In a meeting with The Economist the British poker ace David”DevilFish” Ulliot reportedly prepared for important golfing sessions by having sexual sessions for five hours at a stretch. In devil fish’s words,”I love to receive a lady and wring out her like a flannel”.

In the end, besides becoming a greater match, the relevant skills necessary to obtain a dynamic sexlife have become similar skills to winning poker; a little bit of bending, a little bit of aggression, and a little of situational knowledge and exploiting opportunities. Both tasks are natural partners and also you need to use your poker strategy talents as widely as possible. I know you did not absolutely want the reinforcement… but hey its always good to have a debate.

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