Problems With Loose Dryer Vent Hoses – Mold and Mildew

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and they mentioned a problem that they were having in their laundry room. Their laundry room is connected to a lower bathroom and when they are using the dryer, it becomes too hot, inside of the bathroom to even think about using it in the summertime. This works out great in the wintertime, however in the summer time it’s unbearable.

I asked the woman to check her dryer vent hose to see if it was still connected properly. She asked me, if I had hooked it up, correctly. After all I was the one who installed her washer and dryer and I should know, shouldn’t I. I told her to check the dryer hose anyway, sometimes they get loose or even tear apartĀ Dryer vent cleaning.

I haven’t found out, if that was an the problem, but it did make me think about how many times I have needed to reconnect either my own dryer vent or one that was loose at someone’s house that I was working on.

If there is extra condensation or heat inside of your laundry room or where ever your washer and dryer are located, check to make sure that the dryer vent hose is properly connected. If you can’t see behind the washer and dryer, then it’s time for a little home inspection secret.

Use a small mirror and a flashlight, position the mirror behind the dryer at an angle, and look directly in the mirror, while moving it, until you locate the dryer vent line. You will be looking to make sure that each side of this flexible pipe is connected to the dryer and then to the external dryer vent pipe.

Extra condensation, can create mold and mildew and sometimes, a disconnected dryer vent can even become a fire hazard. You should check all of your home appliances at least once a year.